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DIGITUS DS-12850 - KVM / audio / USB switch - 2 ports DIGITUS DS-12850 - KVM / audio / USB switch - 2 ports

DIGITUS DS-12850 - KVM / audio / USB switch - 2 ports

With the DIGITUS 2-Port KVM Switch, you can operate two 4k-compatible PCs using a single USB keyboard and mouse. By pressing a button or using the remote control included in delivery, you can switch comfortably between the two PCs, sparing you the trouble of replugging all cables. Output to a monitor occurs either via the integrated HDMI or the DisplayPort output. You can also switch between the audio signals for the microphone and speaker. In addition, two USB 3.0 ports are included on the front side for use with other peripheral devices like USB sticks or external hard drives on both PCs. If you place the KVM switch in an inaccessible location, you can use the IR receiver and connection cable included in delivery even if the KVM switch itself is not within the range of the remote control. Status LEDs on the front side of the switch show you the current configuration at all times. The slim switch features the added benefits of sturdy metal housing and the option of wall mounting.
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